Nerd Lunch Podcast Celebrates 200th Episode!

Nerd Lunch Podcast

FourthChairArmy-lrgToday marks a milestone for our friends (Carlin, Jeeg, Pax) over at the Nerd Lunch Podcast. Not only have they unveiled a totally rebranded website, including a new logo, but today also marks the crew’s 200th episode—that means they’ve effectively (in one format or another) released over 200 hours of nerd commentary onto the interwebs over the past eight years!

I’ve been lucky enough to join them on several occasions (Episode 5, Episode 30, Episode 106, Episode 133, Episode 164, Episode 175, Episode 189) as part of their Fourth Chair Army and I couldn’t be happier that they’ve made it this far. To make this episode extra special, Jay Ryan (Sexy Armpit, Purple Stuff Podcast) is hosting a “Nerd Lunch Roast” with tons of past guests (myself included) returning to poke fun at and/or offer congratulations to the trio of slowly maturing, slightly balding, always nostalgic nerds.

You can check out the entire episode below OR jump on over to the Nerd Lunch website for the full celebratory experience—be sure to tell ’em Strange Kids Club sent ya!

Written by Rondal

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