Monday Morning Videomania #149

Faceless Neil

The Face Shop

Created and animated by Noella Borie, The Face Shop is the second of three short films featuring the Faceless Neil protagonist—a boy cursed to “remain faceless between the world of the Living and the Dead.” As the bridge between Borie’s original short (FACELESS NEIL, 2009) and her latest project (Out Of The Darkness, 2014), The Face Shop strikes a tone that is somewhere between Beetlejuice and early Tim Burton with an interesting mix of 2D and stop motion animation. Thanks to Benjamin Hayden for the tip on this one!

Backyard Barbeque

Inspired by a weird dream, the bizarre short known as Backyard Barbeque was directed by Webster Colcord. Starring Scott Campbell (aka Extremo the Clown) and his Amazing Fun Mobile, the short follows a man (Campbell) and his freakish family trying to have nice barbecue meal. A veteran Stop Motion and Visual Effects artist, we interviewed Colcord back in 2012 where we discussed much of his early work. I absolutely love the quirky, strange sensibility of Colcord’s short film work and Backyard Barbeque is no exception!

Purgatory Lounge

In Purgatory Lounge, directed by Aaron Martinez, the lost soul of a man finds himself in a dive bar full of “[vaudeville] zombies, [diabolical] demons, [singing] skeletons and the devil himself.” That’s not the worst part, though, as the man soon learns when he’s challenged to drinking contest where the victor may also be the victim (apparently God’s a sore loser). I love the attention to detail in this one, including the liquor labels (Tekillya, ha!).

Written by Rondal

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