Monday Morning Videomania #148

Monday Morning Videomania #148

“Horde” – by BRUTUS Collective

There are plenty of horror stories about late night empty stretches of open road and phantom strangers lurking for their next victim(s). However, the BRUTUS collective aims to put their own spin on the genre with Horde, the of a ghostly biker gang out to claim their next club member. Can the lone road warrior outrace his spectral stalkers, or will he become the next victim of this highway from Hell? …I think you can guess.

Very Creepy Short: Not Without My Handbag

Aardman Animations (Shaun the Sheep, Chicken Run) isn’t typically known for crafting creepy stories with their amusing, good-natured stop motion style…which probably explains why I haven’t heard of this 1993 short until now. When a woman misses a payment of her washing machine, the terms of her contract demand she go to Hell. However, this is one fashionista determined not to stay damned until she brings her handbag.


This animated music video by Iran-based Hoorakhsh Studio for King Raam’s latest single “Pegasus” may be light on context (for those, like me, who don’t understand the language), but its references to traditional body horror like The Fly, Tetsuo the Iron Man and Akira are undeniable. In fact, when I first watched this video I thought it would be an interesting way to look at a remake of The Blob…if the creature was born of science and not an alien bio-weapon.

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