Monday Morning Videomania #147

Attack on Titan stop motion Episode 1- Shocked

For those unfamiliar with Attack on Titan here’s the general pitch: it’s an anime about creepy (really creepy) giants who run around eating people and the soldiers (Survey Corps) who fight them. But what if they fought other giant monsters too? That’s what this fan made web series aims to imagine for us, specifically “what if Godzilla invaded their universe?” The answer, of course, is cause total destruction…but will he fight for or against the Survey Corps?

Lucky Charms “Queen of Wishes”

Lucky Charms gets an Adventure Time-style makeover in three new TV spots by Argentina-based design studio 2veinte and Saatchi & Saatchi NY. While this is a commercial, I love the departure from the traditional “kids steal Lucky’s charms” type scenario. The art style is also a welcome deviation from the typical cereal mascot animation…it’s definitely left me wanting to see more of Lucky’s weird little magical world!

Bonnie & the Loricat

Things take a dark turn when a little girl named Bonnie receives a stray cat from her father. Turns out the little girl has a habit of subjecting her “pets” to a chamber of horrors worthy of any serial killer. But when the feline captive makes its getaway, the stakes are upended and Bonnie soon finds herself on the receiving end of some much needed pet payback.

Written by Rondal

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