HALLOWEEN is FOREVER in This Retro 8-bit Platformer

Halloween Forever video game

Most “normal” people may prefer to celebrate Halloween only one day a year, but the rest of us know that the holiday is actually a 365 day fiesta of fright. And while there’s plenty of films, TV specials and animated features dedicated to our favorite time of year, the same can’t quite be said of video games. Sure, there are games bloated with blood and creepy monsters, but none of them are specifically about (or set on) Halloween. That’s about to change thanks to artist/game designer Peter Lazarski (Imaginary Monsters) and chiptunes composer Robert Mostyn.

An 8-bit retro platformer, HALLOWEEN FOREVER follows the adventure of Pumpkin Man, “a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult forces on a quest to discover” what mysterious shenanigans are behind all the creepy stuff going down in his pumpkin patch on Halloween. It’s an adventure that takes him “through three weird, spooky worlds” populated by plenty of “chainsaw maniacs, undead sorcerers, spooky bats, and lots of skeletons.” The best part? Your weapon is projectile vomiting candy corn at these undead b*stards!

Halloween Forever is available now for download (PC/MAC) for only $2.99 or above.

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Written by Rondal

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