Top 5: Things We’d Like to See on “The Splat”

The Splat

With Nickelodeon constantly getting requests to bring back classic programming from their line up, it was only a matter of time before The Splat made its introduction. Embracing the past has worked well for competitors Cartoon Block and Disney Channel, so Nickelodeon’s new move promises to bring back a lot of their lost fan base in a mood to revisit their childhood memories. With the impending introduction of this new channel here are five things we’d like to see make a Comeback on “The Splat.”

Little to No Spongebob, Please


Spongebob was introduced in 1999, so it technically counts as a Nick show from the 90s, but I think everyone has had their fill of him for a while. He may still grabs ratings, but it’d be disappointing if “The Splat” premiered with a few hours of 90s shows, and a four hour marathon of Spongebob. It’s time we get a break from THIS for a while. Nick already features the show all day everyday, so let’s keep him off the new block for now.

Don’t Be Afraid to Include Game Shows


Nickelodeon had some great game shows during the 90s, and there’s a lot of fans who would love to see those brought back. Sure, Nick GAS is a long defunct block, but featuring one or two classics couldn’t hurt. How about some Wild and Crazy Kids or Figure It Out? Maybe GUTS or a little Legends of the Hidden Temple? I think I speak for everyone when I say some Double Dare would be great! And not late-90s Double Dare, either—I’m talking classic early-90s Double Dare. Heck, they could even bring back stuff like What Would You Do? and U2U!

Bring Back The Classic Bumpers


The Teen Nick 90’s Are All That line-up features bumpers from classic Nick, but they’ve all been remixed and re-edited. While that’s all well and good, it would awesome if the new block featured classic bumpers in all their original glory…at least every now and then. Embrace the new, while also paying tribute to the old. I mean, if we’re going to have a block dedicated solely to 90s Nick shows, why not go all the way?

Revive SNICK


I doubt “The Splat” will completely drop us into classic Nick, but we can dream, can’t we? It wouldn’t be that bad if the block revived the SNICK line up. They don’t even have to feature the original host or anything as long as they brought back the classic couch and showed various programs from the SNICK era every Saturday night. Cartoon Network revived “Toonami,” and Disney Channel has Throwback Thursdays, so bringing back SNICK would be fun and keep the network competitive for nostalgists like me.

Stick Stickly


Who doesn’t like Stick Stickly? A staple of summers spent in front of the television during the 90s, Stickly hosted daily Nick programming blocks. He has already made numerous appearances on The 90’s Are All That, so it only makes sense to bring him back for “The Splat.” Perhaps during the summers like the days of yore or at least on special occasions (theme nights, holidays, etc).

Written by Felix Vasquez Jr.

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