Monday Morning Videomania #142: Movie Trailer Edition


Hellions | Official Trailer | IFC Midnight

Halloween may still be over a month away, but that hasn’t stopped us from unpacking all our horrendously festive “horror decor” around the clubhouse in preparation. It also hasn’t stopped us from enjoying the trailer for IFC Films’ Hellions, a film that falls somewhere between Trick-R-Treat, The Strangers and the Tales from the Darkside pilot episode (aptly named “Trick or Treat”). In spite of the films’ blatant influences, this tale of a pregnant teenager’s “fight to survive trick-or-treaters from Hell” still looks pretty entertaining. Plus, it guest stars Robert Patrick (T2).

Deathgasm | Official SXSW Teaser Trailer

Heavy metal and horror movies would seem to be two genres that were made for each other. Todd & The Book of Pure Evil understood this connection and that’s what I loved most about the show. Now Deathgasm, a New Zealand-produced horror comedy, shows the same appreciation in a balls-to-the-wall SXSW teaser trailer that’s got everything a modern day headbanger could want: jean vests, studded leather jackets, chainsaws, demons, heavy metal, role-playing dice games, Satanists and a hot chick with a bloody hatchet.

The Witch | Official Trailer

Aside from Hocus Pocus and perhaps Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem (hey, don’t you judge me), I’ve never found witches to be all that terribly scary. I mean, compared the list of other heavyweight movie “monsters,” witches are really just regular crazy people with hats. This trailer for The Witch (2016)… doesn’t change my opinion much. To be fair, I’m not a slow burn horror movie fan, but the praise heaped upon this film as “visceral” and “haunting” seems to consistent across the internet so maybe there’s something here after all.

Written by Rondal

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