‘Gloomy Ruins Everything’ Shines a Light on the Dark Side of Living Toys

Gloomy-Ruins-Everything-CoverLast month we mentioned that our resident “re-animator” Felix Vasquez had published his very first book (The Genesis Exiles). Now I’d like to shine the spotlight on the newest member of the SKC crew, Billy Greer, who’s been hammering out some pretty delicious reviews of NBC’s Hannibal. It just so happens that Billy also became a published author recently with the release of Gloomy Ruins Everything—a tale of an “adorably awkward” ragdoll named Gloomy, the kind-hearted girl who takes him in and the “the most adorable murder investigation ever!”

Being a misfit toy isn’t easy. Stitched together from the tattered remains of two other ragdolls, adorably awkward Gloomy is rescued by a kind, wealthy girl named Chloe. But just as he starts to believe things are finally going his way, Gloomy is exiled to a junk closet by the beautiful toys.

Here, Gloomy meets other misfit toys who wish for nothing more than to have the respect and affection of Chloe’s other toys. Unfortunately, disaster strikes when the misfits accidentally cause a terrible accident, leading to the most adorable murder investigation ever! It’s Tim Burton meets Toy Story in this dark spin on the “living toy” concept—featuring oodles of playroom intrigue.

Gloomy Ruins Everything is available now on Amazon.

Written by Rondal

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