Lost in the Longbox: Highlander Origins—The Kurgan

Lost in the Longbox
highlander-origins-kurganHIGHLANDER ORIGINS: THE KURGAN
Dynamite Entertainment
Brandon Jerwa
Carlos Rafael
2 issues

Are you the one? The only one? The god of Kingdom Come? If you answerd yes to those questions, or you’re just a really big fan of the first Highlander film, then this session of Lost in the Longbox should be right up your alley!

Published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2009, Highlander Origins: The Kurgan is a two-issue series released after the success of Dynamite’s 12-issue Highlander series. Opening with one of the final scenes from the first movie, right after McLeod decapitates Kurgan and is going through “The Quickening.” This sets up the rest of the story because, as any fan will tell you, The Quickening endows the victor of a battle between immortals with all the knowledge and power of his/her slain opponent.

Kurgan speaks to McLeod through his memories, providing narration for how his mission to find McLeod and their final battle came to be. It starts out with Kurgan as a scared boy, stripped from his mother by the roaring sea. He later washes ashore where he’s found by a Kurgan family. I had never thought about it until reading this series, but it seems like the Immortals just go by their regional names. Kurgan is only referred to as “The Kurgan” while Connor McLeod is “The Highlander.”

highlander-origins-kurgan-2 highlander-origins-kurgan-3

Kurgan is introduced to the warrior way of life when his adoptive father attempts to throw him into a pit… where, apparently, Kurgan men take kids they hate to be killed and eaten by feral dogs. However, our hero… er, I mean, “villain” disposes of the animals with haste—to the rejoice and praise of the crowd. Undeterred, Kugran’s father attempts to murder his son a second time (with rock) on their way back home. Once again, he fails, and when Kurgan awakens he finally decides to return the favor in a most sadistic, and painful, way.

As it turns out, this event sets Kurgan on his path to become the villain we’ve all come to know—a warpath that spans some of histories greatest wars. He even ends up murdering his trainer, the man who first tells Kurgan of his immortal abilities! Eventually, Connor McLeod crosses Kurgan’s path. First in a dream where Connor apparently taunts Kurgan to seek him out so that he may be destroyed. It’s this dream (nightmare?) that drives Kurgan’s intense hatred of The Highliander which leads directly to their fight in the first film.

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Being so closely related to the first film, this miniseries is a great companion piece and gives us some much needed insight into the origins of one of the most badass movie villains ever created. If you’re a big fan of Highlander lore and haven’t had a chance to look at this series, seek it out. I don’t want to spoil all of the story, but suffice it to say that “The Kurgan” is one cruel S.O.B. Being only two issues, this story is a quick read and should be obtainable for under $10 either online or at your local comic shop.

Written by Christopher Bacon

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