Independently Awesome: Rockers, Pumpkin Kings and Stranger Things

Word around the Clubhouse is that you fabulous freaks love your comic books… is that right? If so, here are three of the finest pulpy periodicals for your peepers to peruse:

Blood & Gourd #2

BloodGourd-face-meltingI’ve had the pleasure of seeing this book grow from a twinkle in it’s creators’ eyes to a full-fledged comic book, and I couldn’t be happier to present issue #2 to you! (I certainly don’t hold it against them that they killed off my likeness in the first issue.) Being released by Dead Peasant Publishing, the book itself reads as if H.P. Lovecraft had written for EC Comics in the heyday of VHS B-movie madness. It’s a tale of Halloween insanity, with terrors set deep within the pumpkin patch. Sound cheesy? Only in the most delectable ways, I assure you. And if you’ve watched even one of the Sharknado flicks, I don’t wanna hear any more cheesy talk from you…

The last issue left out heroes – Kitty, Mason (and his psychic unicorn), and some gun-loving local yokels – fighting for their lives. Will they make it out of Henderson Farms alive? Will we find out Mr. Pleasant’s eyes are tiny black holes behind those Kid Eternity sunglasses? Will The Gourdather find the hookup he’s looking for on Tinder? Go fund the issue, and all these questions may be answered!

27: Comic Anthology

Suspended-Amy-Steve-AddeoIf you’ve heard of rock music’s legendary “27 Club”, you probably know that it’s not an actual nightclub (the rest of you were probably thinking of Studio 54 – we won’t judge). No, the term refers to rock legends who had a fire that quickly became an inspiration to all, and just as quickly were extinguished from this world. Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendix, Amy Winehouse…the list goes on. These will be the central characters of this new anthology.

So as a comic lover, why should you care? If you’ve read any of Red Stylo‘s previous anthology books, you know that the subject matter is just the beginning. Writers and artists have taken subject matter ranging from Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to Frankenstein and the songs of Queen, and absolutely made it their own. Will we see a superhero team headed by Jim Morrison with the sole purpose of destroying boy bands? Probably not. But it’s a beautiful possibility…

Red Hill Billy: Red Hill Rising

RedHillBilly-Derek-Dow“Run wild through the Great White North with the mullet-rockin’, RUSH lovin’, monster fightin’ Red Hill Billy.” And he’s fighting rabid werewolves (is there any other kind?) with a bunch of 10-year-olds, eh? With a tagline like that, seriously – how could you NOT read this book?

Other things that help the cause: 1. The book flies under the banner of Groovy Dead Productions, which features a mustachioed skull in their logo. 2. The Groovy Dead web page features fan art by Robbie Armstrong (creator of Red Hill Billy) for Ex-Heroes, the first in a fantastic novel series about superheroes versus zombies by my old buddy Peter Clines…and the art is beyond gorgeous. 3. It’s a frickin’ 10-year-old canuck fighting freakin’ werewolves…did I mention that? Just go get it, already!

That’s it for this round – don’t forget about our own Kickstarter campaign to fund the fifth, far out issue of our Strange Kids Club Magazine… see you in the funny pages!

Written by John MacLeod

Dubbed "The Dorkmaster General" in his home territory of western Massachusetts, John has what some would call an "unhealthy obsession" with comics, horror movies and geek culture. He is a staff writer and editor for the web site Zombie Zone News, and is a freelance editor for his own imprint, Surfin' Dead Enterprises. In his spare time, he breeds free-range chupacabras to sell for ludicrous amounts of cash.

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