MASK, Micronauts, ROM, Stretch Armstrong, Atari Force and More Returning in 2016

M.A.S.K. revival at Hasbro

atari_force_promo_posterThere’s no stopping the “remake machine” it would seem. If Hollywood hadn’t gobbled it up and spit something back out at least two or three times, you can bet there’s a comic and/or toy revival right over the pop culture horizon. Case in point, a flurry of post-SDCC fallout still making its way across the internet involving Hasbro, Dynamite Entertainment and IDW reveals no less than half a dozen brands getting resurrected.

Among the soon to be undead franchises, Hasbro has announced they’ll be reintroducing M.A.S.K., Stretch Armstrong, Action Man and Micronauts which, incidentally, is also getting a brand new comic series at IDW along with ROM: Spaceknight. Meanwhile, Dynamite plans to pull at nostalgic heartstrings with their reprint of DC Comics’ mid-80s Atari Force series, an Atari art book and a “new series based on several of the game company’s classic games.”

Is this nostalgist nirvana or a brand new kind of remake hell? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


Source(s): Newsarama, Toyark

Written by Rondal

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