Strange Kids Club Magazine #5 Relaunches on Kickstarter!

Strange Kids Club Magazine #5 - Kickstarter

Yes, the time has fiiiiiinally come for the fantastic fifth issue of our oversized comics magazine to return to Kickstarter and finish what we started. What took so long? What’s different about it? What happened to the promo video? Are you for real this time? Why should you care? All excellent questions and while there aren’t any easy reasons to explain why we waited until now to relaunch the campaign, I will say that it will be worth the wait.

Not only have we set a more realistic funding goal, we’ve simplified the reward levels to put more focus on where it should be: the magazine. Add-on rewards are cool, we’ll admit it, but frankly they’re a b*tch to manage on Kickstarter and ultimately take attention away from what we’re really trying to fund. Will things like the “Stargoolian pillow pal” and “custom Bronarr action figure” ever be made available? Possibly, but that depends on the success of the characters. Besides, let’s face it, who really wants to pay $150 for an action figure when we can wait and offer it for one-sixth of that price someday? …it is a friggin’ awesome action figure, though.


Another noticeable change? We’ve boosted the page count! With the addition of Germany-based illustrator/designer Ralph Niese to our already stellar slate of artist contributors, we now have 42 pages of out-of-this-world comics for your eager eyeballs to consume—and that’s not counting all the other articles that’ll be featured (68 pages in total)! Check out the Kickstarter project page for a small preview of all four cosmically-charged comics and stay tuned for more updates as the campaign marches on. As Bronarr says: “this is about to get sicknasty!”

WAAAHHH! I can’t believe I almost forgot to mention our brand new cover artwork, illustrated by impeccable Spanish artist Jonatan Cantero, who also illustrated, inked and colored this issue’s 24-page “Strange Kid Comes to Frogtown” comic guest-starring (you guessed it) BRONARR, SPACE BARBARIAN! Don’t worry, we’ve still got plans for Cosmin Podar’s gorgeous galactic masterpiece (our previous cover). Now, set your sights on the cover in all it’s brand-spanking newness below.

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Written by Rondal

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