Monday Morning Videomania #136

Tales of Halloween


If you stop and think about it for a second, Ronald McDonald is kinda like Doctor Who. Weird thing to say, right? Well, think about it. Ronald is a single “entity” who’s periodically reborn with a new face and slightly different persona. Granted, he doesn’t have a blue phone booth that traverses time and space, but he’s got a Grimace and “magic shoes.” Anyway, this short documentary features the eighth Ronald (Joe Maggard, 1995 to 2007)… things get weird when the makeup comes on.

The Twelve Parsec Stare

There’s been talk for years now of a solo film starring one of the galaxy’s most infamous bounty hunters: Boba Fett. Most recently it’s been rumored as part of three “Anthology” spinoff movies, two of which have already been revealed as Rogue One (2016) and an as-yet untitled Han Solo movie (2018). If they do get around to giving Fett his time to shine on the silver screen, this Finnish fan film (The Twelve Parsec Stare) is a step in the right direction with a spaghetti western-style take on the Star Wars universe.

TALES OF HALLOWEEN – Official Comic Con 2015 Trailer

Last week I touted GOOSEBUMPS as the movie to see this Halloween. Well, it looks like there’s some heavy competition on the horizon. An anthology of ten terrifying shorts that take place in the same small American town, Tales from Halloween features such famous faces as Joe Dante, John Landis, Mick Garris, Stuart Gordon, Adrienne Barbeau, and Adam Green, among at least a dozen others. If that’s not enough to sell you on yet another horror anthology then how about all those murderous monsters, killer Jack O’ Lanterns, voracious vampires, psycho slashers and demons from hell?

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