Grayskull Grindhouse Pages 1-3

Grayskull Grindhouse webcomic

[EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been awhile since we’ve had a regularly scheduled webcomic here at the clubhouse, so when artist Michael LaRiccia first approached me about bringing his latest creation here I was more than hesitant to say ‘yes.’ Of course, my hesitation lasted all of 5 seconds after seeing the first few pages of GRAYSKULL GRINDHOUSE—a balls out adventure that stars a bloodier, definitely more brutal cast of men and monsters set out to master the universe. Get ready to go to uncomfortable places—this comic is not for children… or sentimental adults. New pages will run every Tuesday and Thursday!]





Written by Mike LaRiccia

Mike LaRiccia is a comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer living in Maine. In 2005 he was a recipient of the Xeric grant, an award for comic book self-publishers, and has published several titles including: Black Mane, The Death of Black Mane and the Feared Self, Satori, DISCO, TOO FAST: The Story of Blood Billin, Pirahnaz, and Tangled Planet.

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