Collector Spotlight #13— Leroy Graves

Collector's Spotlight

[Welcome back to our Collector Spotlight feature where we spotlight members of the SKC community who have dedicated their time, money and living space to amassing an awe-inspiring collection of toys, games, pencil toppers or novelty soaps. If you collect it, are proud of it and want to share it this is your chance!]



Leroy Graves

How long have you been collecting?

It’s hard to pin down because as far as I can remember I was always into Halloween sound effects records and listened to them obsessively. When I got older I went online to look for Halloween sound effects and strangely enough a lot of people posted albums of them! That’s how I found out about Jason Willis who is a great artist out of Tucson. I eventually got to meet him last year. My hardcore collecting has mainly been in the past 3 years.

Any unique details about your collection?

I ended up finding a Dead Man’s Bones record [which] is Ryan Gosling’s band and a Halloween record at End of an Ear. It’s strange because, for one, I didn’t think it existed. Secondly, being an actor’s band, it can only be so good, right? But then it is way up here (hand gestures). I just wasn’t expecting that! Plus, the cover is beautiful. Also, I was a Teenage Brain Surgeon I found randomly at Burger Records in LA. It was a cool place to go and find that there.

What’s your favorite item?

Wow, that’s a tough one. The top three I would recommend to people would be the Monster Mash Sounds of Terror by Wade Denning because it is easy to find, but not that well known. The voices and stories he does are great! Even though it is for kids there is a story on it about a guy getting impaled that is pretty graphic.

The next would be Music for Monsters. It is a little harder to find, but it is great because they use a theremin and their mouth to make spooky music and sound effects. Also, the record is green!

The third one I would recommend is I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon, which is a compilation of 50s and 60s horror rock from the UK.

What is your Maltese Falcon? What record if you found it you could die happy the next day?

There are a lot of records out there that kinda fall under the category of Halloween album, but are seance and witch records that recite incantations and spells. There is a rare one from the 60s that came out of the UK featuring a woman called Barbara the Grey Witch. She was pretty incredible, but I would probably never find it.


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