Monday Morning Videomania #128

Monday Morning Videomania #128


The alien species known as the Predators have taken on a wide and diverse assortment of prey over the years that includes everyone from Superman to freaking Archie, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Predator story take place in the age of swords and sorcery before which automatically makes this short fan film unique. Know what would’ve been cooler, though? Predator in Feudal Japan battling samurai—just saying.

The Wiivengers – An Avengers / Nintendo-Verse Mashup

After seeing animator/director James Farr successfully mash up both the Ghostbusters and Star Wars film series with Nintendo characters, it comes as no surprise that he’d eventually apply the same “worlds collide” logic to Marvel’s blockbuster franchise, The Avengers. And like previous parodies of the Nintendo-verse, Farr delivers yet another creatively fun short whose highlight has got to be Luigi hulking out to smash his evil alter-ego, Waluigi (Walokgi?).

U.F.Oh Yeah

Writer/director Ryan Connolly flips the script on alien abductions with his sci-fi/comedy short, U.F.Oh Yeah, which finds a lonely, “overindulgent” man coming into contact with visitors from space. Only, things don’t turn out quite how I think either party expected. Well shot with some top notch special effects, this short is totally worth 5 minutes of your Monday morning.

Written by Rondal

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