Ltd Edition 8-inch Osaka Popstar “Hopping Ghosts”

Osaka Popstar's Hopping Ghost

Earlier this week we asked When is Wrestling Not Wrestling? Now I ask: When is a Vinyl Figure Not Just a Vinyl Figure? The answer comes in the form of Hopping Ghosts, a brand new vinyl toy created by Osaka Popstar’s John Cafiero. Based on Chinese mythology, a “hopping ghost” (also known as jiangshi) is basically a vampire-like creature who hops around sucking the life force out of people… sorta like Tom Cruise on Oprah back in 2005, only less weird.

More than just an 8-inch vinyl figure, however, Cafiero’s Hopping Ghosts are packaged in a full color 6-panel art box that includes a removable scroll spell accessory, PLUS a download card with the new Osaka Popstar single (also called “Hopping Ghosts”) and a mini score/soundtrack—there’s even an animation!

osaka-popstar-ghosts-3 osaka-popstar-ghosts-1

“I am a huge toy nerd,” stated Cafiero in a recent interview with Clutter Magazine. “I discovered the world of Chinese Ghosts and Vampires through Hong Kong films… those films, especially Mr. Vampire, were certainly an inspiration [for these figures]. It’s my take on the folklore. I interjected my western edge into an Eastern cultural myth.”

Cafiero has partnered with DKE Toys to distribute the figures nationwide, but if you want to snag yours directly they’re also available online in the official Osaka Popstar shop.

Written by Rondal

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