Web Series Wednesday: Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover

Adam Green's Scary Sleepover

It’s been far too long since our last edition of Web Series Wednesdays (almost a freaking year!), but never fear—thanks to that goofy horror nerd, Adam Green, I’ve finally got something to write about. Specifically, Green recently launched Adam Green’s Scary Sleepover which isn’t scary but IS an actual sleepover (which is awesome).

The premise, according to ArieScope Pictures’ Vimeo account, finds Green hosting “a slumber party with a different celebrity guest each week… in their pajamas.” So far there’s been two episodes (a new one airs every Friday), featuring Kane Hodder and Tiffany Shepis, and they’re both fantastic. Not only do Green and his guest sit and talk about their favorite horrors movies, but you also get to know these horror icons as the actual über-nerds (aka strange kids) they actually are in real life.

So far my favorite episode is the one with Tiffany Shepis—she gives Adam a makeover and dating advice—but honestly I can’t wait to see the one with Sid Haig!

Roll out a sleeping bag, eat some junk food, play board games, tell stories, watch movies, and share some laughs as Green uncovers just what scares the artists who scare you for their living. A new episode posts every Friday beginning March 6, 2015 and unlike YouTube… the episodes you’ll see here are longer and uncensored! Season 1 guests include Kane Hodder, Tiffany Shepis, Derek Mears, Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, Laura Ortiz, Tom Holland, Darren Lynn Bousman, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, and more. So turn down your lights, hold on to your pillow, and whatever you do… don’t wet the bed.

Written by Rondal

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