WARPO’s Legends of Cthulhu Retro Action Figures [Review]

Warpo Legends Of Cthulhu Review

SoC_5While Warpo may be a relatively new name on the toy scene, they’ve nonetheless proven to be strong contenders with their initial line of figures, Legends of Cthulhu™. Their story is all the more impressive when you consider just how far the collectible toy company has come in just two short years. Founded in 2013 by Bryan Katzel, Tommy Baldwin and Eric Lefeber, Warpo crushed their Kickstarter goal by raising more than twice their original goal of $60,000—no doubt due to stellar figure sculpts by Eddy Mosqueda and packaging artwork by Ken Kelly (Masters of the Universe, Micronauts, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

Everything about Legends of Cthulhu exudes 1980s nostalgia, specifically Kenner’s Star Wars line of figures, from the finely painted blister card packaging to the basic 5 points of articulation. The packaging art of each figure, while the same, stirs boundless scenarios of play—let’s be honest, these may be classified as “adult collectibles” but we’d be crazy not to break them open for some fun—spurred on by open-ended description on the back:

The exciting universe of H.P. Lovecraft is alive with Warpo’s Legends of Cthulhu™ poseable action figures. A strange dream leads the Professor to investigate a mysterious mountain. There he finds himself surrounded by the minions of Cthulhu! Will he find a way to stop the forces of evil…or will he succumb to madness? You decide!


Tell me that doesn’t get your noggin spinning with endless scenarios of the nameless Professor, against all odds, pitted against equally enigmatic foes like the Cultist and Deep One.

Just as much attention is paid to the figures themselves, each rich with sculpt and paint details. For instance, the bulging veins on Cthulhu’s bulbous head or the way in which his skin color subtly fades from a lime green to slightly darker green. Even the texture and tentacled illustrations of the Great Old One seem thoughtfully considered and carefully rendered. Other figures share these qualities whether it be the Deep One’s purple striped skintone, the Cultist’s intricate “squid mask” and chained ceremonial robes or the Professor’s pistol and finely combed moustache—no attribute was carelessly overlooked or ignored.

warpo-cthulhu-3The only thing missing from this line of Lovecraftian terror? An comparatively awesome playset! Specifically it’d be great to see a future release bring forth the “mysterious mountain” mentioned on the back of the packaging. A trivial complaint in context of such amazing figures and one not to deter me from paying a visit to my local pet store, snagging an aquarium rock along with some sand and fashioning my own miniature mountaintop battle.


An astounding first wave of figures from Warpo, Legends of Cthulhu™ delivers on every level, serious collectors will not be disappointed. At $20 a piece, casual toy fans may be hesitant from taking a dive into this “exciting universe of H.P. Lovecraft,” but for those brave enough you will surely be well rewarded.


+ Incredible level of detail
+ Retro art blister packaging
+ Easy to pose
+ Great accessories


Price tag may turn some away


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