Monday Morning Videomania #120

Valerio Spinelli Pandemonio


In unique fashion Italian animator Valerio Spinelli‘s short conjures up a “kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures” brought to life by overlapping felt circles and set to the instrumental/experimental score of Zu (“Silent Weapons for Quiet War”). This really brings to mind the stratacut animation work of David Daniels, especially in the frantic opening sequence of Tom Stern & Alex Winter’s Freaked (1993).

Dough for the Do-Do – Clip

Matvey Spitkovsky says: There’s something beautiful about turning on the television for some early morning cartoons and being fully awakened by one of the strangest Looney Tunes I’ve ever seen. “Dough for the Do-Do” (1938) is a bizarre and psychedelic little segment where Porky goes looking for a rare bird by the name of Do-Do (no joke) in some weird place called Wackyland where nothing makes sense (think of a morbid Dali painting). Clearly acid was invented before the 60’s because somebody in the studio was under the influence. Either way, watch it. It’s great.

FROZEN – Blood Test scene

Leave it to claymation animator Lee Hardcastle (T is for Toilet, Ghost Burger) to conjure up two nightmares in the same short. “A deleted scene from the Disney classic Frozen as directed by John Carpenter,” Hardcastle delivers just that with blood galore. The audio sample from The Thing is a little jacked, it’s a little hard to hear what’s going on, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the shattering skulls of Queen Elsa, Anna and Prince Hans.

Written by Rondal

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