Artist Spotlight: Crayon Blood’s Jaime Hernandez

Crayon Blood aka Jaime Hernandez

Tell us a bit about yourself, Jaime. Where did you go to school? What did you get your degree in?

JAIME HERNANDEZ: I grew up in Freeport, Texas and didn’t really enjoy school except for art class and being able to spend time at home drawing for fun late into the night. I went to college at Ringling College of Art + Design and got my degree in Illustration.

So where did you get the handle “Crayon Blood” from?

JH: First time I used it was for a joke song I did with a friend about a Pre-K student being asked what his favorite color was by the teacher and he responds with “blood.” Then the song turns all black metal-ish.

I kept it in mind. To me it currently means keeping that passion from the old days of drawing with crayons running through your blood and remembering to have fun with it and follow those initial instincts. I have been thinking hard about changing it…

jolteonDon’t lose it! Keep it.

JH: I’m interested to hear what other people think it means though, or what type of imagery they see. A lot of people seem to get either interested or super freaked.

Here at Strange Kids Club we love TMNT and would appear so do you! Who is your favorite turtle? Mine is Raph.

JH: Growing up and watching the old school cartoons and live action movies, I liked Donatello because he was analytical, solved puzzles, and fixed any technology or gear that they needed. These days though, I kinda prefer Mikey. I wanna be all about having fun, joking around, and pizza.

What inspired you to do this sweet series of turtle prints?

JH: I got inspired when I saw a contest on Threadless for Ninja Turtle themed art for shirts. I made Donatello first, but I sketched out the whole set. I eventually decided to just ink and color the full set and I’m pretty happy how they turned out.

What did you think of the new movie? I still haven’t seen it, and am curious to hear what fans of the original franchise have to say.

JH: I know that the new movie got a bit of slap because of how altered it was on the designs and stuff like that. But I turned off my knowledge of anything of Ninja Turtle memory and I actually enjoyed it… except for Master Splinter’s damp ass nose and possum breath. I didn’t like that.

Overall I really feel the movie got the gang/family mentality across and I watched it with my cousins. We’re all in the similar age range and I felt like we connected with the Turtles and understood each other more. It made me want to start a gang and do graffiti, but that’s another story. *laughs*

raph mikey donnie leo

You’ve also got a series of Pokémon prints—who’s your favorite?

JH: Favorite Pokémon from the games is actually “Combusken”—I should draw that next—because, why would you not like it? It’s a Chicken. Plus Fire. And I love fried chicken. *laughs*

It really killed me when I evolved it to “Blaziken.” I had one of those Ash + Pikachu moments where I cried in agony under the full moon and I forgot to pack enough underwear, but I was tired of having my butt handed to me so I had to evolve my strongest Pokémon, Combusken. Please forgive me. RIP.

On the anime show, I like The Squirtle Gang because they drip “swagoo.”

I am apparently behind the times, not going to lie, I had to look up “swagoo.” So who are some of your biggest influences?

JH: Biggest influences are the countless visual artists who do their thing everyday no matter what. On Tumblr (when people actually post art), DeviantArt, and things I come across in person. [I’ve] always had a thing for anime style, Impressionists, Gustav Klimt, and Egon Schiele… I think those are my very base influences. Music is also a very important thing for me and I usually pull ideas from song lyrics.

ryhdon pokemonDo you have any artwork that you sell?

JH: I sell my work on Etsy, but also at Austin shops Atown and Parts + Labour. I do local market shows like Austin Flea and occasionally SoFlo Art Market in San Antonio.

You can also catch my work on Twitter and Instagram.

What do you do when you get artist block? I enjoy hearing about how different people deal with this issue.

JH: I usually listen to a lot of music, look at band posters/album art, branding and graphic design work by people I admire, KPop Fashion, or whats going on at the moment. Lately I like to do some quick exercises or take a walk if I feel really stuck.

Finally, what is the strangest thing you’ve ever drawn?

JH: Strangest thing that comes to immediate mind is a scrawny dude with a round smiley face head wearing a dog cone around their head… dressed in a Jester blouse and ballet tights, jumping in the air and throwing up Rock Hands.

Thanks for stopping by the Clubhouse Jaime and answering some questions. We enjoyed checking out your work and picking your brain a little. Keep that Crayon Blood flowing!

Written by Tessa Morrison

Well-rounded nerd, writer, and artist, she grew up in the misty mountains of West Virginia where she was constantly ridiculed for being a "weirdo." Now residing in Austin, she works a day job at a print shop and creates puppets and fiber art by night. In her free time she enjoys reading comics, watching horror and sci-fi films, and cosplaying.

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