Watch This! ‘TIME TRAP’ is Anything But a Waste of Time

Time Trap

Despite all the painfully useless and mundane crap that accumulates on the internet you can, at times, find some really cool stuff out there—most of which is made by true fans of the genre.

Being a huge fan of the science fiction genre myself, I came across this wonderful little short that tells the story of a human/robot space dweller that crash lands on what seems to have formerly been known as Earth. The plot itself is simple: the stranded being needs to repair its shuttle to get back to its galactic homeland, but what makes this film truly so enjoyable is how the plot develops and the way in which the ethos is delivered in such a short amount of time.

It’s also helps that the short is shot and edited so well. You can tell that writer/director Michael Shanks is well versed in science fiction film (I assume he’s more of a B-rated film fan) due to costume and set design, not to mention the comical, yet clever, delivery of the sound design. Not being a huge fan of the way CGI is butchered and abused by the major film industry these days, I appreciate how Shanks and his team used it here. Well done Latenitefilms, well done.

Written by Mat Spitkovsky

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