The War Continues in ‘ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS’ Ongoing Series [Preview]

Zombies vs Robots #1 - IDW

If most post-apocalyptic movies are accurate, the future looks pretty freaking bleak for us humans. Zombies Vs. Robots, co-created by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood, doesn’t do much to change that outlook but it does manage to put a cool new spin on the idea. In this future humans are near extinction, sentient robots walk the Earth, Amazonian warriors are real and zombies… well, they do zombie stuff.

This week, IDW returns to the ongoing saga of undead and automaton aggression with a new ongoing series featuring not one, but 3 stories in 1! The first tale, “Inherit the Earth,” by Ryall picks up where the last mini-series, Zombies Vs Robots: Undercity, left off and establishes a new status quo for the ZvR universe with “merman and a zombified giant squid.” Meanwhile Steve Niles joins the team with “The Orphan,” a more personal look into the life of a lone survivor. Ashley Wood himself wraps things up with “Tales of ZvR.”






Zombies vs Robots #1
Chris Ryall, Steve Niles (w) • Anthony Diecidue, Ashley Wood, Val Mayerik (a) • Wood (c)

The first-ever ONGOING Zombies vs Robots series, bringing you… new robots! A renewed zombie threat! New human survivors! And an all-new world ready for the taking from one or more of these factions… Part 1 of “Inherit the Earth!” and “The Orphan” start here!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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