Monday Morning Videomania #115

Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers


If My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Masters of the Universe all took part in some sort of sordid Saturday morning orgy, I’d imagine that Lloyd the Rock’N Unicorn would be the result 9 months later. I can only imagine that realizing the hilarious potential of such a twisted sex party inspired Colin Fleming to create this series in which a magical unicorn and his pesky nemesis Snakeface move to the Real World and become roommates.

The Grey Matter

Directed by the McCoubrey Brothers, The Grey Matter is a weird film. Weird in a way that only a short story about a man with a hole in the back of his head the size of a tennis ball can be. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Frank Henenlotter in his prime—we’re talking Basket Case and Brain Damage here—with a poor schmo gets a whole new outlook on life thanks to a brain-eating parasite of questionable origin.

Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers

Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers is a great example of what happens when crowd-funding, creature design and real horror come together. Funded on Kickstarter in 2013, this series of abbreviated terrors highlights 3 spine-chilling horror stories centered around kids, including a sadistic cult of Girl Scouts out for revenge. But the best is definitely saved for last as “Teething Tiffany” proves this is one “bloody amazing” anthology.

Written by Rondal

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