Trade or Die: Batman Classic Covers (2008)

Batman Classic Covers - Rittenhouse

Sometimes you just come across a set of cards that you want because they compliment something you already have a passionate interest in and that’s exactly what I have in this edition of Trade or Die. Allow me to share with you all this card set from 2008 inspired by a certain caped crusader… Batman Classic Covers by Rittenhouse Archives

The base set is relatively low, a mere 63 cards but there’s more to the collection to make it complete including 9 cards that look like the old 66′ Batman Bubblegum Cards, 9 glow-in-the-dark cards based around the Dark Victory story and 9 lenticular cards of various characters from the Batman mythos.

tod-batman-covers-2The build on these cards is rather amazing far, as cards go. The card stock is nice, durable and thick. Each side is also covered in some of the slickest, high gloss I’ve ever seen on a card. It’s like they were dipped in an experimental protective coating. They’re made really, really well and I actually wish I had more product from Rittenhouse Archives.

They don’t just feel sturdy – they look sharp as well. Each card has a somewhat “museum piece” look about them… very posh, I suppose you could say. I know, an odd word to use to describe a comic based trading card, but they look very upscale with the cover image bordered in all white with a very thin gold foil framing. The “Classic Covers” moniker is displayed in the same gold foil.

The back of these cards are less on the “elitist” side of trading cards and look more “traditional.” Still top notch, but more of what you expect from a card. They all have the same cover image on the back, zoomed in, with the issue number and the year it was published. Overall it’s a well-executed presentation. They’re so nice that I can imagine collectors wanting to display them in a shadow box alongside the actual comic book counterparts.

I don’t imagine these are for everyone, they really only pertain to Batman fans. There’s no factoids to be had or much to read other than the issue number and year it was published… they’re simply just super nice cards of Batman comic covers. Like I mentioned before, I originally bought these simply to compliment an ongoing passion (and a few Batman cover I own). If you’re a rabid Bat-Fanatic as I am, tell Santa to get you a set for X-Mas. If you’ve been naughty, however, don’t worry… you can get the full base set for under $10!


Written by Christopher Bacon

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