Monday Morning Videomania #111: Christmas Edition

Santa Goes South

An incredibly awesome stop motion short by directed by Peter Wallach, narrated by comedian Lloyd Floyd and animated by NY-based effects artist Robert Lyons, Santa Goes South reveals the true history behind everyone’s favorite holiday fat man. Full of dark humor, “Santa-stein,” undead elves and… well, sex dolls, it’s officially one of the raddest Christmas cards I’ve seen.

Skeletor and He-Man singing Jingle Bros

This one was posted by our own, Patrick Renfrow, over on the SKC Facebook page but for those that missed it I just had to share it again. Sure, it’s a commercial for Honda but does that really make it any less entertaining? I’d actually like to see someone like Robot Chicken run with this and make their own (twisted) version of He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special. For those interested, there’s also a pretty decent version featuring Jem and G.I. Joe singing Fa-La-La-La.

The Night Santa Went Crazy

Based on Weird Al’s yuletide singsong tale about a psycho Santa up at the North Pole, this short was created by SVA animation senior T.J. Morris back in 2000 and it’s AWESOME! Full of references to Rankin/Bass’ well known Rudolph the Reindeer and event a little South Park, it’s hard to believe this is all the work of one dude. Seeing as how there’s a shortage of holiday specials these days I’d love to see this adapted into a 20-min TV special—wouldn’t you?

Written by Rondal

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