Breaking News: Batman Has Gone Postal!

Batman Stamps - USPS 2014

Okay, so that title might be a tad misleading… let me explain the actualities of what I’m trying to get across. Yes, the Dark Knight is as much a sociopath as his rogues gallery, but that’s not anything new. What is new, however, are these awesome Batman stamps created for the United States Postal Service (USPS) in celebration of the caped crusader’s 75th anniversary (real world time mind you, this isn’t about Batman Beyond).

batman-usps-stampNow, I collect a mass abundance of things, which many of you have come to notice. Some might call me a hoarder of certain things, but stamps aren’t among them… at least, untl now. I want—no, sorry, I NEED anything with a bat symbol on it. Lucky for me, my lady got these for me while mailing some things out one afternoon. That said, from a stamp collector’s perspective I got nothing for you, BUT as a Batman and comic book obbsessed fan boy I got you covered.

As if you really need to ask why you should grab these up, I’ll give you a few reasons anyway. For starters, it would be an extremely unique piece for your collection. While being completely awesome-looking postage notes, it’s just rad to have them among your collective pile of heroic artifacts. We can go out any day of the week and find figures, novelties and comics but these is actually something special: officially licensed postage stamps! Cool, huh?

…I got to explain why it’s cool? Fine. They’re almost a quick study of Batman’s many faces over the past 75 years starting with the original “devil look” up to the more tactical costume brought on by Jim Lee (who’s work has been a key part of my comics obsession). Also evident is the progression of his bat insignia as well which is all summed up on the back side of each stamp along with info about the character’s creation. These are truly one of the highlights of Batman’s 75th year celebration.


Am I going to mail of obscene pictures of myself to your grandparents and use these? No… I’ll use regular postage notes for that, these things belong in a frame. I almost want to get a 2nd sheet and display the front and back side by side. Get these while you can! They currently aren’t any more expensive than standard stamps (so me lady sayeth) and they’re gonna look pretty ill up in your house. Trust me.

Written by Christopher Bacon

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