First Impressions: ‘Bubba The Redneck Werewolf’ Spooky Empire Exclusive Premiere

Bubba the Redneck Werewolf movie


That’s what everybody tells Bubba Blanche he is. Of course it might help if he didn’t keep accidentally laying down in dogshit. Bubba (Fred Lass) is living an unfulfilling life as a small town dogcatcher for the town of Broken Taint and he just seems to run into one spot of bad luck after another. It all starts with him being ridiculed at Barkham Asylum, the dog shelter that he helps out at, and damn if he don’t love them dogs. After being thoroughly mocked by the lady who runs the front counter for night shift, he heads to his favorite bar to drown his sorrows in some cheap booze and just maybe get lucky with Bobbie Jo (Malone Thomas), the town sweetheart that Bubba has a thing for.

Bubba-Redneck-Werewolf-movie2It might help if Bubba had realized that she had already been taken for quite some time by a big rough brute of a man that didn’t take too kindly to someone hitting on his woman. One short fight and bad black eye later and Bubba is feeling low as a dog, pun intended, which is what causes him to decide to make a deal with the Devil (creator Mitch Hyman). This deal ends up having some unforeseen consequences, as Bubba wakes up the next morning a bit hairier than he remembered…. he also seems to have grown a tail.

After examining himself and goofing off in front of the mirror (something I always thought I would do if I became a werewolf, rather than freaking out or just accepting it), he heads back to town to “talk” some decency into her beau, busting up a couple of armed robbers along the way. Meanwhile, the Devil has been causing trouble all over town and Bubba is gonna do his damn best to stop him. Bubba soon discovers he’s a part of a prophecy and that’s when all Hell breaks loose. Bubba’s called on to save them all, and just might do it if he can put down the wings and booze long enough.

Full of top notch humor, most of it immature (just the way we like it), but all of it clever, Bubba The Redneck Werewolf should be prescribed by doctors across the country as an antidepressant. There would be much happier people living here today, that’s for sure. I fully stand by my word when I say this is the Funniest Film Of The Year.

Written by Nate Thor

Raised in the dark moors of Indiana, Nate Thor lives in the kind of area that horror films take place in. A lone secluded farmhouse filled with any manner of video games, horror films, and comics. Enjoys drinking PBR, but eats hipsters for breakfast. You could find him at any one time with a cigarette clamped in his jaws reading a classic issue of Tank Girl or browsing Goon issues on his Nook.

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