A Delicious Double Dip of Neurotic Dismay in CHICKEN OUTFIT #2 [Review]

Chicken Outfit #2
Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna

Joe Deagnon

Chicken Outfit Media

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When we last reviewed Chicken Outfit, our hapless protagonists—Rusty McDoodle and Stan Munson—had just barely survived an attack by a kill-hungry sexbot. Issue #2 picks up with the boys back at their “day jobs” with Rusty struggling to stave off the sanity-reducing assaults of several needy clients before heading to “world’s largest adult novelties company” to apply for a job with his bud, Stan. Rusty gets the job, whether he likes it or not, and the duo decide to celebrate with a few drinks.

Meanwhile, the bizarre bandaged psychic named Headcast and his confidante William stumble across the bloody aftermath of three bat-winged bitches on wheels while paying a visit to their favorite watering hole. The plot thickens when the lone survivor, Teddy, mentions that the trio was looking for someone who’s name started with the letter “M”. Ironically, the next stop Headcast and William make just so happens to be the same spot where Rusty and Munson (with an M!) happen to hanging out at. Their paths don’t collide (yet), but it’s easy to see where things are going.


Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna continue to do a good job setting the scene for whatever bizarre event is on the horizon for these characters while carefully balancing a dual tone for the series—one a snarky commentary on life as a creative (designer/artist) and the other a supernatural mystery, complete with monsters and psychic abilities. Even so, I tend to find the subplot with Headcast and William to be the more interesting narrative if for no other reason than the utter carnage and weirdness it interjects into the story. Either way, I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

Issue #2 will premier this Saturday (November 1st) at premiering at Horror-Rama in Toronto before rolling out online on November 7th. You can find out more about the book, it’s cast and it’s co-creators at the official Chicken Outfit website.


A solid “stool-softening” second issue to be sure, the storyline continues to evolve while new characters are introduced. The job-related satire is a bit heavy-handed this time out, but it doesn’t really stop the momentum behind whatever diabolical plot Deagnon and Stasyna are building towards.


+ Loving the lowbrow art style
+ Weird monsters + mystery


Clients can be hell, we get it

Chicken Outfit #2 was reviewed using a digital copy (PDF) provided by Chicken Outfit Media.

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