Zed the Zombie: Unrest in Pieces Game

Zed The Zombie: Unrest In Pieces

Ah, Halloween. Not so much a time of year as it is a mindset for many of us. And with that mindset comes the inevitable onslaught of new Halloween treats, games and decor which must be bought and documented for historical record. For me, this year’s spending spree started with a zombie named “Zed,” collecting dust in the corner of a Toys ‘R Us shelf.

Produced by Fotorama, Zed the Zombie is a board game that has the right idea… it’s just too bad the game itself is a piece of crap. According to the back of the box, Zed has “risen from the grave in pieces” and players are tasked with putting him back together before a timer runs out and he goes “pop” Perfection-style.

Sadly, Zed neither pops, locks or explodes—not even close. Granted this game is for ages 4+, but so was Perfection and it, at least, had a satisfying shake that sent game pieces flying. The fault with Zed lies 100% in poor craftsmanship since the wind-up base hardly even moves, especially when you’re trying to put Zed’s body parts back on.

Zed himself, on the other hand, looks remarkably well-designed with his gaping jaw full of rotting yellow teeth, a head that comes off to reveal his brain and a neat little crow companion. For a measly $16 dollars I guess I can’t complain too much. Even if the game does suck, with a bit of super glue and the right pose, I at least walked away with a new vinyl sculpture.



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Written by Rondal

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