Independently Awesome: URBANCE Arrives on Kickstarter

Ladies and gentlemen—the URBANCE revolution is calling!

Steambot Studios has officially taken to Kickstarter looking for funds to help produce “a kick-ass PILOT EPISODE” of their unique and visually stunning animated series, Urbance. I am beside myself with joy right now! You might remember a few of our past features on this project, specifically an interview with Steambot co-founder Joël Dos Reis Viegas I did last November.

Not only is this a chance to support a truly original artistic vision, but there are some pretty awesome back rewards as well including stickers, DVD/Blu-Ray, signed art books, prints, key frames… you could even become an animated character on the show! As I mentioned before, all funds raised as part of the Kickstarter will be used to make a pilot episode, but if they exceed their expectations we may even see the full first episode!

urbance-kickstarter-1 urbance-kickstarter-2 urbance-kickstarter-3

If you’re interested in learning more or to see how you can help support this project, be sure to stop by the URBANCE Kickstarter page.

Written by Borja Chavarri

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