Independently Awesome: BEDLAM, A Post-Apocalyptic RPG

BEDLAM Post-Apocalyptic RPG game

Inspired by 80s sci-fi movies and comic books, BEDLAM is a brand new roguelike RPG in development by Skyshine Games (Sam Gage, Jeff Johnson and John Mueller) set in the post-apocalyptic realm of Bedlam. Like most futuristic wastelands brought upon by greed and consumerism, Bedlam is plagued by all sorts of nasty creatures (Marauders, Mutants, Robots, Cyborgs) who live in separate territories, not to mention random outbreaks of radioactive storms, mutant infestations and nano-plagues—none of which sound remarkably pleasant. As the mysterious Mechanic, players must accompany Rasputin Lazarus and his band of inventors, rebels and soldiers across Bedlam in hopes of finding the utopian Aztec City.

Of course, all those mutants, cyborgs and marauders I mentioned? They’re not just going to let you wander through their territories without a fight which is where the games’ “blitz battle system” comes into play. This unique battle system, described as “carnage-filled chess” allows players to select any member of your team to move/attack at any given time (per round). Add to that the various characters classes, abilities and upgrades and BEDLAM aims to take turn-based RPG gaming to a whole new level of fun.

skyshine_bedlam_territory_view skyshine_bedlam_combat_cyborg skyshine_bedlam_combat_mutant

If you’re interested in learning more or to see how you can help support this project, be sure to stop by the BEDLAM Kickstarter page.

Written by Rondal

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