Buffy, The Vampire Slayer… The Animated Adventures?

The Animated Adventures Of Buffy

Sadly, this is not for a real series BUT it’s still pretty awesome. Created by animator Stephen Byrne, who also did The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who, this short finds the old Scooby gang together again and in a really fun way too. Now, I haven’t watched Buffy in a long time but there was a time when you couldn’t get me to stop. Even though Joss Whedon has moved on to bigger and better things, it’d still be great to see Buffy return to TV—especially in a format like this where budgets for special effects would be far less restrictive.

If I remember correctly, there were actually plans to make something like this happen called Buffy the Animated Series, but it never materialized. According to wikipedia “no networks were willing to buy the series.” Bastards.

Written by Rondal

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