Weird World of Webcomics: AWFUL HOSPITAL

Awful Hospital webcomic

awful-hospital-001One of my favorite types of books growing up were those Choose Your Own Adventure kind. Remember those? Where you could navigate a story as the main character, making decisions that would lead to a different ending depending on the choices you made? Those were awesome. AWFUL HOSPITAL, a brand new webcomic by webcartoonist and amateur biologist Jonathan Wojcik, is a lot like those old books and, in fact, even goes a bit deeper.


Awful Hospital puts you in the shoes (or hospital slippers) of an unnamed protagonist that awakes in a hospital with mild amnesia. All that you know is your baby boy was sick (or was he?) and you had tried everything to make him better. From here, Wojcik tasks readers with suggesting an action or snippet of dialogue to advance the story. Wojcik then picks a suggestion to create the next page of the comic.



With such a collaborative premise you can imagine things get a little… weird, and they certainly do. Within the first few pages alone, our protagonist starts hearing voices, seeing things that aren’t there (or are they?) and, well, you’re green.

After a brief encounter with a strange doohickey that calls itself Doctor H.M. Phage, T.E you decide to grab the nearest tool that could be considered a weapon and explore the hospital grounds. Set pieces include a dimly lit examination room with bloody sheets (which turns out to be a living “blood stain”), a giant syringe with floating eyeballs, a strange metal door with a combination lock and… whatever the hell THIS thing is (Runny Nose).


Things progressively get even more bizarre, in a Tim Schafer/Day the Tentacle sort of way, as you continue exploring the hospital and Wojcik provides plenty of creative characters to keep you interested. Aside from that, he packs a ton of Easter Eggs into each panel, whether it’s some obscure horror movie playing on a TV in the background or a microscopic creature making a funny face in the foreground. This is DEFINITELY recommended reading!


New pages of Awful Hospital can be found on Wojcik’s personal website, BOGLEECH.

Written by Rondal

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