Monday Morning Videomania #101

Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT: Book One

DC Nation – Creature Commandos “Lucky Day”

I’ve always been at odds with the DC’s Creature Commandos series. On the one hand there’s monster (which I love), but on the other is the whole military angle (just not my thing). However they may have just figured out a way to get me on the Creature Commandos bandwagon with a brand new series of DC Nation shorts. “Lucky Day” seems to be the funnier of the bunch, but “Weak Link” is pretty enjoyable as well.

Johnny Ryan’s PRISON PIT: Book One [NSFW]

If you’re not already watching Rug Burn’s animated take on PRISON PIT (by Johnny Ryan), then, well, shame on you. It’s got everything a strange kid could want: a prison planet, hideous monsters, gonzo horror, strong language and a loads of violence… and that’s the censored version! Seriously, this is one of the most wicked cartoons I think I’ve ever laid eyes on and I never want the madness to end.

Claycat’s EVIL DEAD II

An older selection from Lee Hardcastle, but one that seems to fit this week’s horror theme (I’m amping up for Halloween, can’t you tell?). Claycat’s EVIL DEAD II is exactly how it sounds, an abridged redux of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead II but done in claymation… with cats. Cats are cute, right? People of the internets still like that stuff? Man I suddenly feel old…

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