Rapid Fire Reviews: 3 Great Games for Flash Fanatics

Super House of Dead Ninjas

They’re fast, they’re free and they’re not long enough to write for a single regular review on, BUT they definitely deserve some time in the spotlight! Here’s three flash-based games you could be playing right now, instead of whatever else you’re doing… like working.



This game is the whole reason I wrote this article! No-one Has To Die is a beautiful online game with simple graphics and even simpler mechanics. However, with a story so intense and beautiful this game will have you invested deeper than you could imagine. The premise is (again) simple: you have four lives in your hands and are left with the decision regarding who lives and who dies. The question is… do they have to die? Play and find out!


Super House of Dead Ninjas

A fast-paced platformer designed for maximum enjoyment for those with minimum time, Super House of Dead Ninjas gives you one task: fight your way down a tower full of demons and other bad guys. Each of the 500+ floors are a fast-paced, randomly generated challenges that will see you dying before you can even blink. The better you perform, though, the more items you unlock from your grim keeper. The key is being as precise and deadly as you can—one of Adult Swim’s best games!



Ever played a poem? Well, Today I Die is as close as you will get (to my knowledge). Like the others on this list, Today I Die is both short and simple, and I love it for that. Despite it’s length the game has an engaging narrative combined with strong aesthetics that will stay with you long after you stop playing it. In fact, the story is so short that speaking about it is already giving too much info away so just go and play it!

Written by Borja Chavarri

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