Monday Morning Videomania #98

SpaceBear by Andy Helms

Usagi Yojimbo – “The Last Request”

I’ve always wondered why Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo never got more of a mainstream audience than he did during the 80s, especially given how rich in character development his cast was in the comics. I mean, an anime series by some studio like MADHOUSE would’ve been amazing! As it stands, Lintika‘s stop motion short at least provides some sense of satisfaction. Heck, who knows, maybe once 2023 rolls around (Year of the Rabbity) maybe Usagi will be ready for primetime… on second thought, let’s hope its a little sooner than that.

Racist Mario [NSFW]

Don’t let the title of this one fool you… it’s more like Road Rage Mario. Aside from one racial slur Flashgitz‘s Racial Mario finds many other ways to shock and/or offend such as cartoon nudity (okay, so it’s censored nudity), domestic violence, bloody violence and *shudder* anal banana impaling. If not for a twist ending guest-starring God of War‘s Kratos this short would not be nearly as entertaining.

SpaceBear (Cartoon Hangover Shorts # 9)

SpaceBear has the distinction of originating right here in Austin, TX (which makes it extra awesome). Created by graphic designer Andy Helms, and animated by Dave Ferguson, SpaceBear is one of the latest shorts produced as part of Frederator’s Cartoon Hangover Shorts program. In it, the titular bounty-hunting SpaceBear must battle the “nasty magic’s” of intergalactic astro-magnus, Perplexulo.

Written by Rondal

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  • Christopher Bacon

    I’m a big Usagi fan myself. There was a show lined up to coincide with TMNT , but that stupid Bucky O’Hare pulled the rug out from under him so to speak. Developers were worried the shows were going to be to similar. I’m guessing they were going to use the Space Usagi stories.