THE SPECTRE Stars in ‘GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT’ Series This November

Gotham by Midnight - DC Comics

This year has already been jam-packed with all sorts of Batman-y goodness as DC Comics celebrates the hero’s 75th anniversary. However their latest announcement may just top it all, revealing a new series called Gotham by Midnight that will premiere in November by Ray Fawkes (CONSTANTINE, BATMAN: ETERNAL) and Ben Templesmith (WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE, WELCOME TO HOXFORD). According to Fawkes, the series deals with “a lot of stories that will be more supernatural than horror, but when you get down to the core of it, the things these characters face and the decisions they have to make are the kinds of things you’d see in a really great horror story.”

The series focuses on Gotham City Police Department’s midnight shift, led by Detective Jim Corrigan—yeah, THAT Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre—and deals with all sorts of supernatural weirdness. Fawkes went on to say:

Gotham City is a pretty sick place, and also a wonderful place; one of the greatest cities in the DC Universe. The tact that some of the characters in this book take is that people like The Joker, Two-Face and Batman may be symptoms of something wrong with Gotham, and that may have a supernatural root. For me, the city is very Gothic, dark and shadowy, and it’s sort of the perfect setting for things that creep in the night.

gotham-by-midnight-corrigan gotham-by-midnight-batman

And in case you’re wondering, The Spectre will be appearing in the pages of Gotham by Midnight, but more as a last resort for Corrigan. Ah yeah!

Source: Comics Alliance

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  • Christopher Bacon

    They picked a good writer / artist team for these books. I hope it carries an awesome noir pulp detective feel to it. I think the series would really blossom with a almost Lovecraftian style hand added to the mix.

  • Ben Furse

    Oh Shiz!!! Ooooohhh… SHIZ!!! – This sounds awesome… I love the spectre and who doesn’t love Gotham!! – Awesome!!