Best For Business: Lesnar, Cena, and SummerSlam

2014 SummerSlam

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Adam Frazier and I am here tonight as your new Strange Kids Club contributor. This is Best For Business, a weekly column about professional wrestling that discusses current storylines and events with one foot planted firmly in wrasslin’s illustrious past. I’d like to kick things off by talking a little about John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and their upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam, which airs live on PPV and the WWE Network this Sunday, August 17.

The Lesnar-Cena build-up has been some of the best of the modern era. Lesnar is being depicted as a paid assassin – a part-timer with a limited passion for the wrestling business but an affinity for hurting people. As for John Cena, he’s the WWE’s White Knight – the dedicated company man who puts every ounce of his blood, sweat, and tears into this business because he loves it.


“This Sunday I fight a beast, and to fight a beast you must become one. So, this Sunday, you get your wish. You see a John Cena that I’m not proud of – a John Cena you have never seen before but a John Cena necessary to keep this [title] out of the hands of Brock Lesnar!”


The motivations behind the characters couldn’t be more clear, and Paul Heyman has done an incredible job of keeping Brock Lesnar’s heat alive after conquering the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania XXX.

On Monday Night Raw this week, John Cena delivered one of his best promos in a long, long time. In it he told the WWE universe that they would see a John Cena he’s not proud of – a John Cena we’ve never seen before. On Twitter, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross had a pretty brilliant idea:

I agree. If this is to be a John Cena we’ve never seen before, then it should be a no-nonsense John Cena – an all-business John Cena who comes out to the ring in wrestling gear. No baseball caps, sweat bands, or colorful t-shirts. No cargo shorts or sneakers. Just tights, boots, taped wrists and knee pads. A wrestler.

Will that happen? I highly doubt it – but it would certainly elevate the Lesnar-Cena storyline to a whole new level. Regardless of his ring attire, It seems like a foregone conclusion that Cena will be “victimized” by Lesnar at SummerSlam – a decision I’m 100% behind. The WWE universe could use a break from Cena, and having him get beaten to a pulp by Lesnar is a great way of getting him off television for a while.

CesaroWhile Cena’s absent, Lesnar can defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship monthly at PPVs against select main event opponents. Speaking of main eventers, what on Earth is WWE doing with Cesaro? Since Money in the Bank (Jun 29th 2014), Cesaro has only won two matches. TWO MATCHES!?

Who would’ve thought two months ago that Jack Swagger would’ve come out on the good end of a Real Americans break-up? It’s disheartening to see such a talented wrestler like Cesaro lose match after match while The Miz defends the WWE Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. Before you know it, Cesaro will be back down in NXT wrestling Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd.

Speaking of NXT, WWE’s signing of international talents like Kenta Kobayashi, Fergal Devitt, and Kevin Steen is fantastic news. Of course, what good are incredible in-ring performers when you can’t figure out how to properly utilize guys like Cesaro on the main roster. It’s only a matter of time until Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn move up to the main roster, so hopefully WWE will pair them up with performers like Cesaro, Seth Rollins, or Dean Ambrose. The last thing I want to see is Sami Zayn jobbing to R. Truth on SmackDown. Ugh.


But back to the 27th annual SummerSlam, which is being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. While I’m sure the Lesnar-Cena match will be great, the match I’m most looking forward to is Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose. Since The Shield broke up, I’ve been most impressed with these two guys – especially Ambrose, who feels like an amalgam of Terry Funk, Roddy Piper, and Brian Pillman. His “unstable” gimmick is working, but WWE’s stalling at Battleground has cooled this feud down considerably.

Their Lumberjack Match at SummerSlam could go either way, with a rematch at Night of Champions in September where Rollins’ Money in the Bank briefcase is on the line. If Ambrose loses both matches, one has to assume the big blow-off match will be at Hell in the Cell where the two will be locked in a cage with no where to run – and Ambrose will finally get his big victory over his former partner.

Come back next week after SummerSlam for the second installment of Best for Business, where I’ll recap the PPV and look forward at potential angles.


Written by Adam Frazier

Adam Frazier is a child of the '80s. He grew up with Boglins, My Pet Monster, and Madballs, and poured over magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland, Starlog, and Fangoria. His favorite films include Star Wars, Alien, RoboCop, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, and he has a bizarre fascination with Mothra. When he isn't writing about movies, Adam watches obscure cult films, plays vintage video games, and obsesses over '80s pro wrestling.

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  • Christopher Bacon

    Nice write up man. I was happy as anything this week myself when I saw Steen come over from ROH as well! Hopefully he doesn’t have to be in developing long over at NXT and can start destroying people over on the main brand soon.

  • Brett Gallman

    If Lesnar wins (I wish I had the confidence to say WHEN he wins), I hope he doesn’t even defend the belt on a monthly basis. Just let him pop in for Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and Mania. Let it be a big deal that the title’s being defended and actually restore some aura to the champion and the belt.

    • thefraze

      Totally! Let Heyman build up the matches on television, and keep Lesnar (and the title) off-screen until PPVs – and make those matches huge attractions! Sadly there aren’t many faces on Cena’s level that can challenge Brock at the moment. No idea who he’d even face at Night of Champions? Orton? Heel vs. Heel doesn’t sound too great to me…

      • Christopher Bacon

        Far as faces go , Reigns and Ambrose have been pushed hard. They’re getting the biggest crowd pops at the moment as well. Rollins also has a money in the bank contract. A cash in on that could lead to a 3 way title match with former Shield members

  • Jesse James Jobin

    I’ve said it many times before but I believe Roman will win this year’s Royal Rumble (unless WWE decides to drop the ball and let Bryan win, if he returns) and go on to WRESTLEMANIA and win the championship.

  • Robert Hall

    I kind of like the idea of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar holding the championship hostage so to speak, with Heyman holding up the WWE for more money, or doing an angle where he proclaims that Lesnar has accomplished everything he set out to do upon returning to the WWE and retires as champion.

    If done correctly they could possibly drag this angle out until Survivor Series, where Lesnar is contractually obligated to defend the championship against… Daniel Bryan, that is if Daniel Bryan is cleared to compete by then.

    If not, they could always go the alternate route of using it as an opportunity to elevate a new talent, maybe in Cena’s absences Dean Ambrose or Cesaro rises up in his place to challenge the beast in incarnate.

    However, in all the likeliness, if Bryan isn’t cleared to compete, they most likely options are Sheamus, Randy Orton and a returning John Cena, but either way I’m pretty confidant that Lesnar is going to walk out of the Stable Center as the new WWE Champion, and I don’t see him being a transitional one or dropping it at the following PPV.