General Mills Reveals Plans for 2014 MONSTER CEREAL Boxes

New Monster Cereal Boxes for 2014

In a bit of unexpected Halloween news General Mills revealed in USA Today last week that they’re bringing back their iconic trio of tasty terror this year. While it appears the vintage-style boxes will return the cereals will also feature “limited-edition packaging” by DC Comics artist Jim Lee (Boo Berry), Dave Johnson (Franken Berry) and Terry & Rachel Dodson (Count Chocula)—all with colors by Dave McCaig—in addition to “comic strips drawn by Brent Schoonover.”

As stoked as I am to hear that General Mills will continue to show our favorite cereal monsters some love this year, I have to admit that I’m a little underwhelmed by these new designs. Maybe it’s just the way they’re presented here, bit with exception of Franken Berry they seem… well, bland. If General Mills was going to collaborate with DC Comics I’d much rather see some insanely unique takes on these characters OR see DC have some fun replacing their iconic characters on the boxes. Anyone care for some Strawberry Grundy or Deadman Cherry? …okay, maybe not.


Here’s the actual new artwork for this year’s Monster Cereals:




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