The Great Turtle Traversal… or, The Ultimate TMNT Fan Fiction (Part 1)

The Great Turtle Traversal

This article isn’t based solely in fact… it’s a collection of logical assumptions based on moments in “Turtle Time” that have occurred to date. From these moments we begin to come up with ideas (or realities) that could exist and allow me to show you that the Turtles could, possibly, actually exist in our world.

Okay, so we all know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spawned from mutagen, a radioactive material. However, did you also know that in the original origin story this radioactive “gunk” got into the sewers from an accident between a blind teenager and a truck hauling it? Splinter even recalls seeing one of the mutagen containers break over the blind boys face.


That image isn’t from a TMNT comic… it’s from a Daredevil comic. This begs the theory that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Daredevil exist in the same universe. The Turtles have a master named Splinter, Daredevil was trained by a man named Stick. The Foot are the villainous team of ninja that are always the eternal thorn in the Turtles side, while Matt Murdock is always in some encounter with a league of deadly assassins known as the Hand. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.


turtles-traversal_2We’ve chalked Daredevil and the Turtles as co-existing together in the same universe as both origin stories share the same exact events. So this is where we start. Daredevil and Batman however had a crossover… twice, but I’m going to use the “King of New York” story arc as evidence here. This particular story involved Kingpin wanting to release fear throughout New York with the help of the Scarecrow. However, Scarecrow betrays Mr. Fisk and threatens any notion he may have had of running the scene in NYC. The Kingpin is forced to team with Daredevil and Batman to stop the fear-mongering man of straw.


  • The Turtles teaming with Daredevil to take on the Hand
  • The Turtles, being teenagers and mutants, go on to Xavier’s School to continue they’re education and hone they’re skills
  • Potential and awesome team-ups with Wolverine on his trips to Japan and to take on the Silver Samurai
  • TMNT becoming part of the New Mutants team
  • Being mutants, the most hated thing in the pages of the Marvel Universe, could have lead to a very unlikely team up with Magneto to take down the Sentinels.
  • In a very, VERY rare turn for the worse Apocalypse could have turned the four and made them his new Horsemen.

There, we just found a way to successfully tie the Turtles to the DC Universe.


turtles-traversal_3Now we need not go terribly far to land this next jump. Let’s take a look at one of my favorite crossovers of the 1990’s: the Batman / Spawn crossover.

Batman, yet again, is back in New York hunting down a large cache of High Tech weaponry and a group of robots running around with real human heads. Spawn, running across him, mistakes Batman for another Hellspawn and a brutal battle takes place. The two, very hesitant of one another, finally decide working together is in their best interest and together they seek out and thoroughly pummel the bad guys.


  • Raphael infiltrates the ranks of the League of Assassins only to gain access to the inner sanctum, then calling on his brothers for them to take it down.
  • The group joins the ranks of the Teen Titans but lose Michelangelo in a fray with Deathstroke. Leonardo declares a blood oath and becomes obsessed with taking the mercenary out for good.
  • The Turtles become completely split and each of them obtaining a different spectrum of ring. Leo joins the Green Lanterns, Raphael joins the Red Lanterns with Donnie and Mike going to the Indigo spectrum
  • Remembering they’re fallen friends, the Mutanimals, the Turtles seek to rebuild the team with Pantha, Killer Croc, Cheetah and Manbat.

We’ve now placed the Turtles in the Image Comics universe. Bam.


turtles-traversal_4Okay, to be honest… I really went around my elbow to get to my bottom, since the Turtles already (technically) existed in the Image Comics Universe. But stick with me here, this is all going to according to my master plan.

YET AGAIN in New York another serious threat is looking, this time leading to a team-up between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Savage Dragon. The NYPD has the Dragon on loan from the Chicago Police Department. The Turtles and Dragon battle a variety of giant monsters, controlled by an otherworldly villain named Virago, they win, and Dragon writes up a report that says he couldn’t have done it without the help of some of New York’s “locals.”


  • Leonardo lost a hand
  • Raphael become severely scarred , took on the role of The Shredder and took over leadership of The Foot.
  • Donatello became a cyborg
  • In the strangest turn of events, Splinter becomes a bat.



Written by Christopher Bacon

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