Fear and Loathing Save the Day in CRACK-DUCK… Sorta


We all experience those days when the one thought on our minds is “Why did I bother even waking up today?” Most of us eventually get over it, but not Crack-Duck. Those days full of self-loathing are an everyday odyssey for him, serving as fuel for the surreal and bizarre (ie. f*cked up) world in which he exists – also known as Grunge Town Towers. We’re talking floating magical heads, porn addicts and “god babies” type of bizarre here.

Created by Danny Lacy, Crack-Duck is apparently a new web series on Mondo Media whose protagonist is a “depressed, down-on-his luck duck trying to cope with his many mental disorders and social anxieties.” It’s a downbeat setup, for sure, but luckily the oddball supporting cast keep things interesting. In the pilot episode alone we meet the kleptomaniac Thievy Tim, the inter-dimensional godlike Zqiygyxz, the “anasophiliac” (love of ducks) Skiltch and… Jeff. This might just be one of my new favorite shows.

Written by Rondal

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