ABINORMAL Puts a Fun Spin on Demonic Exorcism


Some parodies spend every ounce of their creative energy pointing out just how much of a parody they really are. Others simply use that germ of an idea to spin off in a completely unexpected direction. Created Joey Capps (China IL., The Venture Bros.), ABINORMAL belongs to the latter group, taking its inspiration from The Exorcist while asking the question… “what if Linda Blair’s character never got cured of her ‘condition’?”

Capps’ answer is surprisingly simple in an Archie Comics sort of way: she becomes an “average teenager living an abnormal life” with friends who – apparently – also enjoy hanging around with Satan and eating pizza bites. I could totally see Capps and his team taking this concept and continuing it as a web series. Maybe even toss in a few creature features cameos like the little Caroline from Poltergeist or Phantasm‘s The Tall Man? Sold.

abinormal-1 abinormal-cast abinormal-2

Written by Rondal

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