Monday Morning Videomania #91

Monday Morning Videomania #91

Cubicles & Careers Episode 1: Orc

Essentially one drawn out promo for Utah’s FantasyCon this July, Cubicles & Careers is a five-episode web series that just wrapped up last week. Instead of a group of humans playing out fantasy personas in Dungeons & Dragons, this micro series finds a group of fantasy characters playing out ordinary human personas. Let the games begin…

OMEGA – A Stop Motion Animated Short

Clocking in at close to 19 minutes, OMEGA is longer than most of the videos we share here but it’s also totally worth the time to check out. Directed by Eva Franz and Andy Goralczyk, the short features a combination of CGI and stop motion to depict a civilization “dominated by bizarre trash formations, dust and rock” which evolves into “the ultimate form of existence.”


Drawing inspiration from sci-fi properties like Aliens, Farscape, Heavy Metal and more HOSTILE ENTITIES is a fun short featuring a cast of puppet space explorers trying to eliminate their ship of a particularly gruesome infestation: humans. It’s a great twist on your typical mankind vs aliens setup that keeps you going to the end. I only wish the video higher quality!

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