Monday Morning Videomania #88

bless you by David Barlow-Krelina

Bless You

**VIDEO OF THE WEEK** Have you ever sneezed so hard that it felt like your brain was left rattling around inside your skull? How about so hard that you were literally lifted into the air, pieces of you falling away until absolutely nothing was left but your brain? Yeah, me neither, but that’s exactly what happens in this highly stylized animated short directed and animated by David Barlow-Krelina.

SECONDARY EDUCATION // Science-Themed 90s Power Ranger Throwback Short Film

If you’ve got 12 minutes to spare today, they’d be well spent watching this “throwback short film” which manages to capture elements from 90s teen-oriented shows like Powers Rangers, Kamen Rider and even a little Beakman’s World. Cheap costumes, rubber suit monsters, goofy overacting…? Yep, it’s totally cheesy but in the absolute best way possible.

Dead End Job

Ever feel unappreciated at your job? Like one even notices your there? Could be worse… like being stalked by some psycho serial killer while working the night shift at a gas station. I think YouTuber RubberOnion summed this latest short by the team over at Mukpuddy up best as a “Nicktoons style slasher.”

Written by Rondal

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