The GODZILLA That Almost Was… Road Warrior meets giant monsters!

In the wake of Gareth Edwards GODZILLA reboot tearing through theaters, comic writer/artist Eric Powell has revealed details on his original vision for Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters — a 12-issue series from IDW back in 2011. While Powell and his co-writer, Tracy Marsh, would kick off the limited series’ first eight issues, they eventually left before its final act due to creative differences with Toho. What those creative differences were remained to be seen until last week when Powell explained what he and Marsh originally intended the series to be: Road Warrior… with giant monsters!

Godzilla-Powell-007As if that one sentence summary isn’t enough to sell you on the concept, Powell goes on to explain that their original pitch (Godzilla: Monster World) would’ve dealt more with “modern-day society’s inability to effectively cope with disaster.” Using the kaiju as topical allegories for Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill and similar large-scale disasters, Powell and Marsh aimed to create a Godzilla story “dripping with social satire” that eventually saw two humans — Sergeant Woods, a conflicted patriot, and Allie, a little girl who lost her parents — struggle to survive the fallout. Ultimately this would have led to “more death and destruction as clans of men and warrior tribes vied for survival and reign among a world of monsters [where] new threats would relentlessly pummel man and monster alike in the forms of SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah, Titanosaurus, Hedorah and more.”

It’s tragic that a story of this caliber will likely never be fully realized, in either comic or film form, because it sound freaking amazing. Rife with social commentary, giant monster battles, a Mad Max style future and intelligent characterization THIS is the type of storyline that epic film trilogies are made for and could have spawned a whole new resurgence in kaiju reboots. It’s hard not to share Powell’s feelings of disappointment over what this book, and possibly even the new movie, could have been.


For the entire pitch, details and images from Powell and Marsh’s original storyline, be sure to check out The Goon Blog.

Written by Rondal

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