Insomniac’s SUNSET OVERDRIVE Gets Even More Awesome Gameplay Trailer


If we were to take a time machine back to January of this year, you might remember a small piece we did on Insomniac Games’ upcoming game, Sunset Overdrive. Even back then, with old footage and not much else to go on, I was pretty damn excited about this game. It looks like Insomniac has been carefully crafting this game for awhile now, with all the fun details and crazy gameplay they became known for working on games like Ratchet & Clank. Sunset Overdrive aims to exceed them all, however, with elements from Jet Set Radio, Infamous, Saints Row: The Third and Saturday morning cartoons.

According to the narration in the trailer, the game is set to be a completely open world experience where mutants, robots and other assorted monsters roam the streets en masse. Where Sunset Overdrive diverges from “viral outbreak” games like Resident Evil and Dead Rising is its emphasis on fast, constant motion and cartoonish humor. Explosions include giant letters that spell out “BOOM!”, helicopters provide air support with ridiculously oversized handguns and teddy bears become weapons of mass destruction… they’ve even managed to make dying/respawning look fun. In a word, it sounds and looks awesome. If there’s any reason for me to bite the bullet and pony up for an XBOX One, this is it.

SUNSET OVERDRIVE Gameplay Trailer Sunset_Overdrive_Herker_2 Sunset_Overdrive_forall_Fizzie Sunset_Overdrive_forall_SunsetCity SunsetOverdrive_herker SunsetOverdrive_Captain_Ahab

Written by Rondal

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