Spit-Take: Ehmm Theory’s Brockton McKinney on Swearing Kittens and Intergalactic Motherf#@%rs

Brockton McKinney - Ehmm Theory Interview

If you’ve been a comic geek for a while, you’ve heard the age-old debates: “Who would win in a fight… Superman or Thor? Wonder Woman or She-Hulk? Plastic Man or Squirrel Girl?” Well, get ready for a new question: “Could a potty-mouthed kitten kick a cyborg crab’s giant butt?”

And that, my friends, is why you’ll love Ehmm Theory with every ounce of crazy that lives in your head.

We can thank the creative team of Brockton McKinney (words) and Larkin Ford (pictures) for dreaming up the beautiful insanity that is Ehmm Theory – and I’ll throw extra kudos out to Action Lab’s Danger Zone imprint for allowing such a book to thrive. It’s a rarity to find a comic that can successfully blend humor, horror and superheroes without seeming forced. For a plot that could take disastrous turns in the wrong hands, Ehmm has a wonderfully (un)natural flow of dialogue and story.

Okay, enough gushing – how ’bout we ask Mr. McKinney some questions…

Zombie Midget - Gabe & WhispersYou just kicked that zombie midget’s head out.” Were you aiming for the best opening line of a comic EVER, or did it just happen naturally?

Brockton McKinney: Oh man, first off, thanks for sayin’ that, I’m pretty partial to that line myself. Second, I did feel we needed to start the first issue off with a strong sense of who Gabe and Whispers really were. To me, their dialogue is one of the selling points of the book. So I knew we should come out swingin’. I base a lot of Gabe and Whispers on the way myself and my best friend spoke when we were kids and “kicked his head out” is definitely something we’d have said.

Why did you make a widdle baby kitty such a foul-mouthed fuckin’ badass?

BM: I really love cute things that curse. I have several pets, and I make voices for each of them, and they all have sailor’s mouths. Nothin’ funnier than a cursing pet/kid/midget.

Robeartopus. Which came first: the creature, the name, or a drunken slice at a pizza joint named Roberto’s that made you snicker and say “Robot bears would be awesome!”?

BM: In my head I always knew that there was this guy that worked for G.O.D.D. and that he made these awful creatures for Dominika. Instead of developing a more powerful tank, he would be splicing fish DNA into a Sasquatch. So Robeartopus was supposed to be the first of his creations and I made him up starting with the pieces that formed him (robot/bear/octopus), and then the name. He was gonna make his debut in issue #2 but we loved the Craborg so much that he got pushed! But yeah, Robot Bears ARE incredibly awesome.

Ehmm TPB - Vol 1Please tell me there will be more Ehmm Theory! What’s the outlook for the book beyond the first mini?

BM: Volume one TPB is in stores now! And yes, much more Ehmm to come. We have a Free Comic Book Day preview of the second volume out in May and the new series starts monthly in September! It’s got a dimension-jumping assassin monkey named Mister Everything and it’s gonna knock people’s socks up their butts.

What’s up with Jon Bodyhunter: Intergalactic Motherf#@r? Will that be through the Action Lab imprint?

BM: We’re one issue away from being able to solicit and yes, it will be coming out from Action Lab! Man, it’s such a fun comic, I gotta tell you. Christopher Hanchey is the artist and co-creator and that dude loves drawing the weirdest, coolest stuff we can come up with. There’s a cyclops that’s half man, half shark named SharKlops and he’s currently my favorite character that Hanch has designed. But there’s SO much killer stuff in the book it’s hard to pick just one. The Spectacular SpaceNinja runs a tight second…

Are there any other books or projects that you’re working on?

BM: I have an eight page comic in the new KILLER QUEEN anthology that’s coming out! It’s stories inspired by rock legends Queen, and it’s kinda a dream come true for me. Huge fan of the band, and it’s so amazing to be able to play in that sandbox. My story is entitled “Freddie Mercury: Agent of Champion” and it re-imagines Freddie as a secret agent superspy. I’m crazy proud of it. And it’s drawn by the uber-talented Bridgit Connell, who absolutely dominates the pages! You can check out her promo piece of Freddie on a tiger on my twitter account.

Oh, and I have a Halloween horror anthology that Bo Fader and I wrote coming out in October. It’s called DeathCurse Too and I’m trying not to oversell it but it’s the best work he and I have collectively ever done. Plus the artists attached to DeathCurse are mind-blowing badasses. (*Note – DeathCurse is produced by Lost Story Studios, a collection of creators including Brockton, Bo Fader and Jonas Britt.)


If we’re not reading a Brockton McKinney book, what would you recommend?

BM: Dave Dwonch has a book coming out called Cyrus Perkins and I got the chance to read the script and it’s so damn good. We also share a FCBD book with Zombie Tramp and while it’s certainly adult fare, it definitely had me laughing my ass off. I just got hold of their new trade ‘Zombie Tramp Vol 2’ and it’s easily my favorite so far. Oh yeah, and I always recommend Princeless because it’s by far my daughter and I’s favorite book to read together.

You watch a marathon of crap eighties horror movies on a diet of nothing but scotch and S’mores: what is the plot of the resultant fever dream? (And I say “crap” with nothing but love.)

BM: Hahaha! That is an extremely accurate depiction of my nights.

Well, I don’t know about a fever dream, but I definitely get bursts of creativity from watching b-movies. There’s something about “bad movies” that inspires conversation during the actual film and that makes it more enjoyable. You never know when a funny joke is going to lead to an amazing panel sequence.

RobeartopusTwo-parter: 1. What is your personal vision of the apocalypse? (Mine involves weaponized penguins) & 2. What song/band/album would provide the score for your end of times?

BM: 1. Zombies with hang gliders. 2. Queen. Such a musical variety for any occasion.

What’s the strangest thing you can remember doing as a kid?

BM: We built a camp that was exclusively for wizards. If you were not a wizard we could fix that by “burying” you, and bringing you back to life by screaming “Rise from the grave, little wizard”

Thanks for answering our questions!

BM: Thank you! Ehmm Theory volume two hits stands in Septemberrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


Check out this exclusive sneak peek from Ehmm Theory‘s upcoming FREE COMIC BOOK DAY release, due out this weekend:

FCBD14 - Ehmm exclusive

Written by John MacLeod

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