Adult Swim Seeks New Levels of Depravity in MR. PICKLES Pilot

Mr. Pickles pilot - Adult Swim

We’re all well aware of the controversial material Adult Swim is willing to broadcast. From the surreal (Tim & Eric, Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule) to just the purely insane (Superjail!), Adult Swim has treaded in dangerous, and in some cases choppy, waters. But there are some concepts that are just too brazen, too bizarre, too extreme, too uncomfortable and/or just plain confusing. Adult Swim’s pilot episode for the recently green-lit series Mr. Pickles, a story of a kid and his evil satanic dog, certainly falls under that particular category of debauchery.

mr-pickles-satanic-dogFirst and foremost, it’s important to disclaim that this show is really f*cked up. As in, I’m the type of guy where the line to be crossed is way beyond anything socially acceptable (ask my friends), but this show left me speechless… and kind of confused. I don’t mean speechless in the “oh dear, this is appalling, change it to Are You Being Served, dear.” I mean I literally had nothing to say at the end of my watching it. This coming from somebody who loves Superjail! with all – well, no, a lot – of his heart. Mr. Pickles is a show that would absolutely never get approval from any network except from ours truly, Adult Swim.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the show is kind of cool. It takes a brazen approach at crass offense and raises it to a new level. It features everything; blatant racism, pedophile boy scout leaders, Satan, black metal, titties, a horny dog, mutilation – you name it. Which is all in good fun, but as a critical cinephile I demand class, creativity and goddammit, originality (again, Superjail!). In many ways Mr. Pickles seems to be lacking in genuine, unadulterated fun. It’s almost as if the show is written by a bunch of hipsters trying to appeal to a darker, more cynical crowd without realizing how truly cynical and dismissive we freakshows really are.

But don’t take my word for it! While the show left me wondering just how deep the creators can dig their hole of incestual crudity, everybody reading this blog should at least give it a shot and get their own personal feel for it. Sh!t, if you like Metalocalypse mixed with a dash of Heavy Metal (the movie) and a little Superjail! and Mr. Ping sprinkled on top of it, this might just be your tasty little dessert.

Written by Mat Spitkovsky

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