On the Shelves: Home Video Releases for Mar 04, 2014

Some of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases this week.

The Grandmaster (2013) – Another retelling of the life of Wing Chun master, Ip Man, portrayed in two other more famous movies by Donnie Yen.  This one stars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang so it’s already off to a pretty good start.  And the trailer looks pretty good too.

Oldboy (2013) – I never watched this remake, but I’ve seen the original. I’m intrigued to see how they handle the main reveal at the end. Not something I would imagine a Hollywood studio would attempt to pull off.  I’ll be pissed if they homogenize it into something mundane. I think they’ll get the action right, but I’m just worried about the motivation for the movie in the original.

Cold Comes the Night [Blu-ray] – This looks pretty good. Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston? Yep. I’m in. Check out the atmospheric trailer.

Dracano (2013) – SyFy Channel is at it again.  Dragons + Volcanos = Dracano.  Check out the trailer. ‘Nuff said.

The Visitor (1979) – I’m kind of in love with this trailer. Lance Henrickson? Shelly Winters? Sam Peckinpah?! Franco Nero?! Glenn Ford?! Holy crap. I need to see this movie.

Side Out (1990) – The beach volleyball movie you’ve always wanted but never new existed. From 1990, feast your eyes on the great Side Out starring C Thomas Howell and Peter Horton (from the TV show thirtysomething).  And also notice that the trailer uses the Kenny Loggins song “Playing with the Boys” from the volleyball scene in Top Gun.  I can’t believe this isn’t out on DVD yet.  I have to assume this is a reissue because it would surprise me that it hasn’t been released before.

Written by Paxton Holley

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